We are all survivors in one way or another. Grief and traumatic events strike all of us in different times in our lives for sure and without sounding completely cliche despite the fact that this will, there is usually some light that comes out of it. Sometimes not much, but sometimes a lot because I do believe as one of my favorite teachers said,

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. -Wayne Dyer

My story is one of light despite darkness. I am a glass half full for sure. Why not, I feel better when light is my friend whether by choice or design. We have our stories, our pains and our joys. How we choose to move through our days is the glorious and joyous personal decisions each of us make with our own free will.

I am a two time caught it early breast cancer survivor.

two weeks after my mastectomy

I am an entrepreneur in the beauty business of a company who has the privilege of employing twenty women. I am a mom, have been a wife, and am now a partner where there is no grown up name except girlfriend sounding utterly juvenile and non committal, the exact opposite of who I am in my relationship.

I am a community activist, and I am charitable. I am an avid writer trying to write more. and I collect typewriters.

28 and counting…

I love to cook, bake, teach, collaborate and connect women with each other. I love Wonder Woman trinkets and semi collect them, (way before the movie came out, (just saying.)

People who know me would likely say I have a zest for life. I like that.

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